Scooter - Who's Got The Last Laugh Now? (2005) [FLAC]

1 Lights Out
2 Hello! (Good To Be Back)
3 Privileged To Witness
4 Rock Bottom
5 The Leading Horse
6 Take Me Baby
7 Apache
8 See Me, Feel Me
9 Unity Without Words PT.3
10 Everlasting Love
11 Seven Bridges
12 Mesmerized


admin - 1 year 9 months ago

In my opinion this is by far the worst album of Scooter ever. I may be wrong, but the only not cover song is Unity without words part iii. Seems to me that in this period they had run out of ideas.

Thankfully they didn't do it again and hope it was something like an experiment, because those guys they have shown us and they still do this, that they have unlimited potentials in music