Photek - Form & Function (1998) [FLAC]

Photek - Form & Function (1998) [FLAC]

artist: Photek
album: Form & Function
label: Science
cat: CDQED2
genre: Drum & Bass
source: CD
encoder: FLAC 1.2.1 -8 -V
quality: 863 kbps avg
size: 494.71 MB

1 6:59 The Seven Samurai (Photek Remix)
2 5:50 The Lightening (Digital Remix)
3 8:02 Rings Around Saturn (Peshay & Decoder Remix)
4 6:54 The Margin '98 (Doc Scott Remix)
5 6:39 Resolution (Photek Remix)
6 6:15 UFO (J Majik Remix)
7 6:40 Knitevision
8 6:09 Santiago
9 6:51 The Seven Samurai
10 7:24 Rings Around Saturn
11 5:29 The Water Margin
12 6:16 UFO
total time: 79:28
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release notes.
Form & Function is the second album by British drum and bass artist
It was released on September 14, 1998 on the Virgin Records sublabel
Science Records in Europe and on Astralwerks in the US. The album is made
up of older Photek tracks that were previously only available on 12" vinyl.
The first six tracks of the album are remixes by Photek himself and other
drum and bass artists, while the second six tracks are the original
versions. The last track on this album (no. 12) contains samples of the
so-called "Halt Tape", recorded at the occasion of the Rendlesham Forest

This is, for me at least, one of the absolute greats as far as drum and bass/jungle goes, no doubt. I could best describe the feel of this album as sitting on a bullet train traveling through space, looking out the window and watching planets and star systems fly by.

Form & Function keeps things very "spaced out" and minimal in nature almost entirely throughout, and this works to a great benefit - some of Rupert's greatest strengths are shown throughout the album (particularly how he is able to create such enveloping and detailed music with little more than a drum break, an 808 bass, and atmospherics in the majority of these tracks).

This album is truly a testament to just how great drum and bass was, is, and can be. Still sounds futuristic nineteen years after it was released (and some of these songs even date back to 1995)!