Interactive - Touche (1995) [FLAC]


Euro House, Happy Hardcore,
01 - Introactive
02 - Living Without Your Love
03 - Set Me Free
04 - Tell Me When
05 - We Are One
06 - Hearts In Harmony
07 - When The Wind Blows
08 - Forever Young
09 - Over And Over Again
10 - No Gravity
11 - Can You Hear Me Calling
12 - Outroactive


admin - 1 year 9 months ago

As far as the track list, we have the hits Living without your love, Tell me when and the not so good imo Forever young. All the other tracks except the Introactive which is..... just intro, share the so called spirit of the rave culture.

Set me free, releases the energy from your body and sets you free, free to dance and feel the rhythm. Hearts in harmony has a relaxing sequence melody, We are one is different from the later cd version, which by the way, would fit better in this album than this one, but even this particular version is quite energetic.

Over and over again with the bouncy base drum isn't as fast as the other, but if you hear the lyrics you will understand that it was not written for dancing purposes. For dancing you can have the next ones, No gravity and Can you hear me calling with the mindblowing arpeggiator behind the acid sequence melody. Outroactive is the Introactive but lasts double time.