Hecate - Negative World Status (1999) [FLAC]


"The first solo EP by Rachael Kozak on Zhark, Negative World Status delivers five tracks of dissonance and ever shifting intensity by providing the listener with a multifaceted trip through a landscape of scraping beats, booming bass and ominous soundscapes. Three tracks could be employed for dancefloor utilization, yet go beyond the formulaic, with lots of attitude, spacial awarness and vocal clips which give insight to the producer's pysche. The two other tracks are digital manipulations of a disconnected and enchanted quarter - produced with both Nomex and CF - bringing the essence of dark hills and sacred rites straight on to vinyl...
As UHT says "Pray to die before becomes real what this music is trying to describe you !!
Masterpiece in the genre !!!!!"
A1 End It This Way
A2 Rural Cryptic
A3 Lost Your Power
B1 They Were Her Friends...
B2 H?xeplatz