Hardsequencer - The Sound Transformation (Remixes) (1995) [FLAC]


Artist : Hardsequencer
Album : The Sound Transformation (Remixes)
Year : 1995
Genre : Hard House, Techno, Hard Trance
Source : CDDA
Label : Fire Recordings
Catalognr : FIRE121
Tracks : 01
Playtime : 24:11 min
Size : 149,25 MB
Quality : 862kbps / 44,1kHz / Stereo
Url : http://www.discogs.com/release/435494
[ Tracklist ]
The Sound Transformation - The Remixes
01. Hardsequencer - Spacewalker - Remix [ ]
02. Hardsequencer - Remixed By Hardsequencer [ ]
03. Hardsequencer - Remixed By Gary D. [ ]
24:11 min
149,25 MB

Definitely one of (if not THE) best release Hardsequencer has made! Spacewalker and Gary D. made some great remixes for this song, but I personally think the best remix is from Hardsequencer himself; the remix of his own song feels like a three-act-yet-eight-minute epic of sorts. However, Gary D.'s remix comes in at a close second in terms of being very euphoric, with the melody that starts at the 48-second mark and makes a fitting end to the EP. The Spacewalker remix is good on its own terms, but compared to the other two songs, it seems like it's lacking something in my personal opinion. As a huge fan of Hardsequencer (and Old-School Hard Trance in general), I can not stress enough to track this Remix EP down!