Hansel - Lorentzian Lineshaper (2006) [FLAC]


1 Waking The Ghost
2 Cypress Millwood
3 Psylents
4 Lorentzian Lineshaper
5 Koslo (The Birth Giver)
6 Mind Control
7 The Death Of Allen Steele (BC Rich Remix)
8 Redesigned
9 Heartbreaker
10 Hookwormz
11 The Uncertainty Principle
12 Generate Humans
13 Discontinuity
14 We Are Important
15 Zlotnik (Future Mix)
16 Blotsmyth
17 Redesigning The Ghost (Remix)


admin - 12 years 6 months ago

After a stunning Respond_Violence, Boston-based Hansel had lofty expectations to live up to. Unfortunately, Lorentzian Lineshaper is far from being a worthy follow-up to it's groundbreaking predecessor.
The album sounds better, but that's the only way in which it outshines Respond_Violence. The compositions, althought solid and interesting, are simple and short. Repeated over and over again, sometimes for several minutes into a track before any change actually happend, they tend to become annoying rather fast.
Perhaps it should be telling that the best song on the record is Hookwormz, which was previously released on the Subatomic Particles EP. Should the album have been as eclectic, everchanging and finely crafted as this song, it could have flat-out outclassed Respond_Violence. However, this is simply not the case.
It's unfortunate that this album isn't even half what it could have been. But even with all these flaws, it's still a good album; one that let the hope live on. The hope that someday, somehow, Hansel will get back to their former brilliance.