Goldie - Timeless (1995) [FLAC]


source....... CDDA
style........ Drum & Bass, Jungle
label........ Metalheadz 828 614-2
year......... 1995
time......... 105:18 min
size......... 636.01 mb
encoder...... FLAC 1.21a
quality...... 853/44.kkHz/Stereo

Disc 1

01 Timeless 21:03
(I. Inner City Life, II. Jah, III. Pre
02 Saint Angel 07:18
03 State Of Mind 07:05
04 This Is A Bad 06:11
05 Sea Of Tears 12:01
06 Jah The Seventh Seal 06:24

Disc 2

01 A Sense Of Rage - (Sensual V.I.P Mix)07:06
02 Still Life 10:51
03 Angel 04:58
04 Adrift 08:27
05 Kemistry 06:51
06 You & Me 07:03

This album is Fucking insanely brilliant.. In my opinion, the stand out here is "Timeless". I get a mysterious and unusual feel of nostalgia every time I hear those lush pads and Diane's soothing voice. Timeless got me into DNB, and it is and probably will remain my favorite track of all time, among a couple of others. All tracks are in a similar vein, I like most of them too. But for me, the standout here is definitely Timeless. Thank you Goldie for changing my life, it's a hard thing to put into words of what this album has done to me, but I'm sure you can figure it out.


admin - 10 years 3 weeks ago

One have to keep always in mind that this is one of the first, one of the most daring and one of the best drum'n bass albums ever made, because maybe that icon called Goldie overshadows it.
Indeed it is one of the defining albums of the 90's and the popularity of electronica.
And it is much more in its incredible diversity: great jungle "jams" which foreshadow broken beat for a few years, good ballads, great construction of very long compositions, and a sense of freedom, of space, of greater-than-life that even the better and "sci-fiest" can't achieve.
Add some ambient jazz ("Adrift") and a r'n'b number ("State of Mind"), and you have absolutely anything that electronic music can offer, at least in heart.

Jak - 3 years 7 months ago

It is beautiful.
Sincerely, Jak.

Michael - 1 year 2 months ago

R.I.P. Diane Charlemagne. She's the vocalist on Timeless / Angel / Kemistry. She's also known from the Urban Cookie Collective.

Sadly she passed away because of cancer in 2015 when she was only 51 years old.