Calibre - Spill (2013) [FLAC]

Calibre - Spill (2013) [FLAC]

Genre: Drum and Bass
Label: Signature Records
Catnumber: SIGCD009
Length: 1:16:21
01 Dema Beats [5:32]
02 Running [5:58]
03 Think On [6:41]
04 Keep Control [5:43]
05 Close To Me [5:57]
06 Cully Bridge [5:54]
07 Simple Things [5:37]
08 Start Again [5:06]
09 Do Not Turn On Me [5:49]
10 Wilderness [5:33]
11 Key Flix [5:37]
12 Paragov [5:38]
13 Sick Of It All [7:10]

Calibre's releases have been always good, but they are even better when you compare his career with many other DNB producers that started at the same time as him. Calibre never quitted being subtle, asking for your attention, demanding a quiet listen to them (though they work really well at DJ sets) and of course, being consistent. That could mean a lack of variety and a reliance in the same formula, which actually happens... but in the end, the DNB made by Calibre is a genre in itself, not a formula, something that has been referenced by the rest of his colleagues but never reached: those piano lines, that quick rhythm programming that allows dubby echoes of melody to intersect between drums and snares, these samples and, god, these basslines. In "Spill" you have all of these, with a bit more production trickery than usual