Darknet Lab - CRVSH (2023) [FLAC]

Darknet Lab - CRVSH (2023) [FLAC]

Darknet Lab - CRVSH

Artist : Darknet Lab
Album : CRVSH
Year : 2023
Genre : Hardcore, Speedcore
Source : WEB
Label : amuse.io
Catalognr : 2427002
Tracks : 7
Playtime : 16:52 min
Size : 141.44 MB
Format : FLAC
Quality : 1004 kbps / 16 bits / 44100 Hz / Stereo
URL : deezer.com


01. Twoja stara 2022 [02:31]
02. Final Destination [02:56]
03. Jeszcze jak [01:49]
04. Hidden Woods [01:50]
05. Hardstyle Wodds [01:33]
06. Emotional Bucket [02:32]
07. CRVSH [03:38]

16:52 min
144.44 MB

New Darknet Lab's release!
Once again awesome compilation of speedcore and hardcore tracks.


020Speedcore - 9 months 3 weeks ago

Great album. I only wonder what a hardstyle track is doing on a hardcore release, let alone on a speedcore release. The word not only is in the title of track 5, it also really IS hardstyle in the style. However, it is questionable if hardstyle IS hard in style to begin with (as the name suggests), and debatable if it has anything to do with the hardcore family. It is NOT hard imo, and certainly not hard to the core. The only thing this track does, is pull the other 6 tracks down, significantly. Also strange, to have it as the 5th track, towards the end of the release. If the styles on a release differ, which is not common for speedcore releases to begin with, the end usually becomes harder & faster, it hardly ever slows down.
I have removed track 5 from the media files. If I want slow shit, I don't have to listen to a speedcore(!) release.
This release has 'only' 6 genuine tracks, which are great, don't get me wrong, they just don't need such a faulty song. Hopefully such a thing won't happen ever again in the future.

Open-minded Spe... - 9 months 2 weeks ago

"Hardstyle Wodds" is the BEST TRACK on the record! But I'm glad you figured out how to skip a song you don't like!