JX - You Belong To Me (1995) (FLAC)


Label Ffrreedom (TABCD 227)
Artist - JX
Title - You Belong To Me
Format - CD Single
Country - UK & Europe
Release Date - 1995
Genre - Trance , House


1. You Belong To Me (JX / Red Jerry Edit) 4:03
2. You Belong To Me (JX / Red Jerry Mix) 7:25
3. You Belong To Me (No Respect Remix) 6:21
4. You Belong To Me (Sil Remix) 6:27
5. You Belong To Me (Peter Parker Remix) 5:39
6. You Belong To Me (Sil Dub) 6:32

Original CD Single



Keeno72 - 12 months 1 day ago

Could someone possibly upload this to rapidgator thanku

90sLife - 12 months 18 hours ago

Why do you need this uploaded to rapidgator? If it is just a case that there is no link when you click on it that's no problem. Just highlight and copy the beatexs link. Open a new tab in your browser and paste the link into the address bar and hit enter. You will be taken straight to the download page at beatexs, I've just checked the link it's still live. Hope this helps.

cf80irl - 12 months 15 hours ago

Yep...works for me too!

Sometimes, for some files, the download button doesn't appear...in that case, I just use a different web browser.