4 Hero - Parallel Universe (1995) [FLAC]


source....... CDDA > Album . ...: |
genre........ Drum & Bass :: |
style........ Drum & Bass .: |
label........ Selector :: |
catalog.no... SEL 3 : |
year......... 1995 . |
length.. 75:08 min |
size...... 465.15 mb per ml |
tracks..... 14 injections |
encoder...... FLAC 1.21a |
quality...... 863/44.kkHz/Stereo |

01 Universal Love (4 Hero Remix) 05:18
02 No Imitation 05:03
03 Parallel Universe 05:08
04 Talk Around Town 05:16
05 Follow Your Heart (Part One) 06:16
06 Wrinkles In Time 05:59
07 Terraforming 04:56
08 People Always Criticize Us 05:48
09 Follow Your Heart (Part Two) 06:54
10 Shadow Run 02:27
11 Sunspots 06:27
12 Sounds From The Black Hole 06:17
13 Power To Move The Stars 04:25
14 Solar Emissions 04:54

Absolutely brilliant album. At a time when drum & bass was still in its infancy, this stuff sounded like it was sent back in time from the future. Where most groups were just layering and chopping drum loops, these guys were programming sophisticated drum patterns from scratch (though Dego and Marc Mac are no strangers to loops either — having kicked off their career doing original UK hardcore — and you'll find those in the mix here too). And, while most other stuff at the time was very heavily focused on the beats and the bassline (hence the name) — and not much else — the synth-scapes woven into the beats throughout this album ushered in an era of musical, intelligent drum & bass that saw the rise of Goldie & Metalheadz, LTJ Bukem & GLR, and a lot of other key players (can't list them all here, or this would turn into a full page…it was a good time for d&b!).


Spike - 2 weeks 1 day ago

Couldn't agree more! but i'm extremely bias as I was born in Dolis Hill.
4-Hero were my neighbours.
The most far out whilst down to earth, freindly pair you could ever hope to meet.
the contradiction...

Really appreciate finding this in decent quality, thanks! you've made my week!