VA - WILD FM 1-17 (Nick Skitz); Wild Energy; Wild Nights, etc.

Hard Techno or other URL with album nfo:

I am not trying to be greedy and ask for ALL OF THEM (even though that would be nice). They always featured the "harder" side of Techno/Trance and would love to find at least a few of these over time:

Wild FM // Wild Volume 1-17
Wild Anthems
Wild Bass, Beats & Melody
Wild Energy 2011 - 2017
Wild Nights 1-2018
Wild Euro
Wild Reunion
Wild Summer


This is a stunning achievement! I'm highly impressed with your work and eternally grateful. Every single track on any of these compilations is a massive banger! GREAT WORK! THANK U!!

Thank you Jenna for your nice words. Yes, totally agree.. Enjoy this great music.

You've certainly stirred up quite a commotion with this post. Look at how many comments there are!

Thanx again

I did indeed, surprised how many comments there is didn't expect it you get that much attention even though these CD's are quite rare.

Anytime, happy to help. Hopefully someone else can fill in the rest

Thank you for this interstellar upload! That's truly astonishing work!

My pleasure. Thank you!!

Wild Nights 2015

Thank you yet again for another volume, Skitz!

You're welcome. Ill try to get the remaining ones out soon as I can to fill the blanks in between

Wild 6

AMAZING!!!! Thank you again!!!

No problem

I have to say, this is the most amazing post on this site of all time! Thank you for everything!

You're welcome Robbie Rob DJ. Enjoy!!

All done Winx, you can find them all here, enjoy mate!!!

Sorry I don't have the others, this is the best I can do for you.

THANK YOU, SKITZ! Outstanding work, mate!

Anytime mate, enjoy!!

No problem. Yes, I can just give me some time please. Thanks for understanding

Thank you for sharing these, Skitz. Truly amazing stuff!

You're welcome

Excellent post. Thank you for uploading so many of these comps in one fell swoop! THANK U

sorry it's only disc 2: vendor included Wild 11 D1 by mistake when I purchased...

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