Roni Size - Made To Fit E.p. Vol 1 (1993) [FLAC]


Roni Size - Made To Fit E.p. Vol 1

Artist : Roni Size
Album : Made To Fit E.p. Vol 1
Year : 1993
Genre : Breakbeat, Hardcore, Jungle
Source : Vinyl
Label : Vinyl Experience
Catalognr : VE.002
Tracks : 4
Playtime : 22:50 min
Size : 141.34 MB
Format : FLAC
Quality : 865 kbps / 48000 Hz / Stereo
Supplier : slsk


01. Transaction [05:44]
02. Det-strumental [06:03]
03. Agility [05:43]
04. The Refresher [05:20]

22:50 min
141.34 MB


92_Sound_#1 - 3 months 3 weeks ago

I'm so impressed with this file. I downloaded it on a whim simply because its from 1993 and at first glance it was "meh" but it grew on me fast. This is some of the deepest hardcore I've ever heard. It sounds a little bit like Dillinja from this era but its produced better. Most tracks are slow burns but the stand out is "Agility". Its a bouncy almost happyhardcore tune but with that synthetic Hammond organ sound that I'm used to hearing in deep house from this era. Det-strumental is another great one thats just way deep and The Refresher uses a piano loop that I associate with happyhardcore from DJ Pooch.

This one has gotten me into Roni Size like never before. I'm paying closer attention to Jumping Jack Frost and Bryan Gee tracklists from this time as well. I hope you can upload more 1993 Roni Size in the future.