Lossless Collections

The best collections of Electronic music in Lossless quality !!!
  • A Nightmare In Rotterdam CD Series
    One of the biggest hardcore series, released by Rotterdam Records, covered hardcore festivals from 1992 to 2008.
  • A State Of Trance Classics CD Series
    Trance compilation series started in 2006. The tracklists were compiled by Armin Van Buuren in order to collect all Trance classics tunes.
  • Acid Pirate Label
    Acid techno label.
  • Always Hardcore CD Series
    Mainstream hardcore series by Traxtorm Records.
  • Bassleader CD Series
    CD Series dedicated to the Belgium annual festival of electronic music Bassleader (also known as The Capital Of The Harder Styles) which covers Hardstyle, Jumpstyle & Hardcore music genres.
  • Best DNB Ever
    We collected here really best of Drum & Bass albums ever.
    Must have albums for anyone who loves Drum'n'Bass.
    Based on reddit.com/r/DnB/ user reviews.
  • Bitte Ein Beat CD Series
    CD series dedicated to Trance, Hard Trance and early Hardstyle, mostly mixed by Charly Lownoise and Deaz D. along with several guests DJs.
  • Bonkers CD Series
    One of the best Happy Hardcore compilation series in the UK, mixed mostly by Dougal, Hixxy, Sharkey, Scott Brown.
  • Carat CD Series
    Carat is a belgium CD series focused on Trance and Progressive Trance.
  • Cherry Moon CD Series
    Cherry Moon, the biggest name in Belgian club-life, released a CD compilation series of the best Techno, Trance & House music of the 90's and early 00's.
  • Clubland X-Treme Hardcore CD Series
    Top UK & Happy Hardcore Series mixed by best hardcore DJs: Darren Styles, Breeze & Hixxy
  • Defqon.1 CD Series
    Dutch multi-genre (hardcore, techno, hardstyle) series of compilations based on the annual Defqon.1 festivals organized by Q-Dance.
  • Dominator CD Series
    Annual Dutch Hardcore festival series, which represented best hardcore tracks of that days.
  • Essential Underground CD Series
    Superb German Techno CD series released in the early 00's by DJ-sets.com
  • Fucking Hardcore CD Series
    Original Hardcore-Gabber series from the Dutch label Mokum Records
  • Gabberbox CD Series
    Biggest Hardcore-Gabber CD series from the famous 5th Gear label
  • Happy 2B Hardcore CD Series
    Happy Hardcore series from American dance label Moonshine Music, spin-off of Speed Limit 140 BPM+ series
  • Happy Hardcore CD Series
    Dutch CD series of happy hardcore compilations released by Arcade and ID&T
  • Happy Rave CD Series
    German CD series of happy hardcore compilations released by Arcade and ID&T, equivalent of Dutch Happy Hardcore series.
  • Hard Bass CD Series
    Series of annual releases of the biggest Netherlands event Hard Bass
  • Hardbase.FM CD Series
    Hardstyle CD series released by online German radio HardBase.FM
  • Hardbass CD Series
    Long-running Hardstyle CD Series published by Polystar
  • Hellraiser CD Series
    Dutch Hardcore-Gabber CD series
  • Masters Of Hardcore CD Series
    Long-running Hardcore & Gabber CD compilation series released by glorious Dutch label - Masters Of Hardcore
  • Megarave CD Series
    Amazing Hardcore-Gabber series released by Megarave Records.
  • Minimal Techno CD Series
    MInimal Techno series distributed by ZYX Music
  • Monstercat Series
    EDM compilation series by Canadian-based label
  • Points In Time CD Series
    Drum & Bass CD series by top DNB label - Good Looking Records
  • Qlimax Series
    The number 1 Hardstyle event in the Netherlands
  • Rauschen CD Series
    The most essential compilation series of German high quality 90s techno, breakbeat and acid
  • Rave Mission CD Series
    An essential collection of Trance classics. Must have CDs for anyone who want to discover the roots of hard trance.
  • Rave Now! CD Series
    This series is a great overview of electronic music in mid 90s (mostly Trance, Techno & Acid)
  • RaveBase CD Series
    German compilation CD series released in 90's, that featured the typical "rave" sound of the time (hardtrance, trance, happy hardcore, techno), then series shifted to trance and house
  • Ravermeister CD Series
    German compilation series of best Rave, Trance & Acid tracks from 90s, offering similar material with "Rave Mission" series
  • Resident E CD Series
    Hardcore-Gabber CD series compiled by Marc Acardipane.
  • Reverze Series
    Reverze is an annual music festival held in Belgium, focused mainly on Jumpstyle & Hardstyle music.
  • Serious Beats CD Series
    30+ years old CD Series which outlined the beginning of House, Techno, and descendant genres.
  • SkitzMix CD Series
    Impressive Australian CD series focused on Hard House music with subsequent Trance influence.
  • Speed Limit 140 BPM+
    The CD Series started by Moonshine Music contains the finest tunes of Hardcore/Jungle/DNB/Breakbeat in the 90s.
  • Syndicate CD Series
    Syndicate is the largest German festival for harder styles. Each CD from the series includes the best Hardcore, Hard Techno & Hardstyle tracks from the festival.
  • Techno Trax CD Series
    Techno compilation series by ZYX Records
  • Technodrome CD Series
    Superb Techno/Hard Trance compilation series mixed by experienced DJ Mellow-D
  • Terrordrome CD Series
    Legendary Hardcore/Gabber/Speedcore compilation series released by Dutch & German labels
  • The Oh! CD Series
    Series of Hard House, Hardstyle & Jumpstyle mixes released by famous Belgian discotheque The Oh!
  • This Is Terror Series
    Speedcore/Terror compilations series that covers about 20 years of the genre
  • Thunderdome Series
    Undoubtedly, the best Hardcore/Gabber compilation series ever, must have for any Hardcore fan.
  • Trance Nation CD Series
    Well mixed long-running Trance series by Ministry Of Sound
  • Tunnel Trance Force CD Series
    One of the best Trance/Hardtrance mixed CD series released by Tunnel Records.
  • Turn Up The Bass CD Series
    Famous Dutch compilation series of oldschool House, Acid, Techno and Dance music.
  • Underground Makina Connectionz
    Makina/J-Core CD Series of Burning Chrome Records
  • Wild FM CD Series
    Great House/Trance CD Series of Australian label Central Station